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Engineering and Technical Animations

For any related projects, a dedicated team has been put together to work on the most difficult requirements from the field of engineering and technical animations. By training our artists to understand the complexities of engineering accuracy, we have developed good communication skills to discuss how engineers and technically accurate disciplines require visualisations and how interpretation of complex engineered components work together. We offer very competitive services using the clients’ own technical models. We can work with all types of 3D files. If you require us to also do the technical models we have expert CAD designers that are very proficient in Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD 3D software.

Talk to us. We understand technical engineers.

Over 25 years experience in technical animations serving museums and heritage, mechanical engineering, product design and all types of technical animation.

Museums and Heritage

Here at CGI Technologies we are committed to the creation of superior CGI for the Museums and Heritage sector. We work closely with the design and planning of new museums and the refurbishment of older established heritage centres.

Much of our work resides in the recreation of artefacts. We recreate ancient items from our heritage for presentation and museum visualisation. We take great care in working with archaeologists and curators to establish the finest details in preserving and presenting our heritage.

We are very pleased to work with ancient heritage sites where we animate the changing building structure and landscapes over time.

Contact us to see how we can bring alive heritage through CGI animation.

Our Services

  • 3D Animation both organic and technical
  • Maya Modelling for media
  • Bespoke 3DS Max modelling for unique content
  • Character rigging in Maya and 3DS Max
  • Render Farm with in house processing
  • Visualisations for product manufacturing
  • Technical CAD Draughting for Engineering and Architectural clients
  • Technical 3D modelling Inventor and Solid Works.
  • Post production compositing
  • DVD Authoring